Online Keno

Enjoy a Little Bit of Vegas Online with Online Keno

Fill your screens with the magic of keno this winter – the ultimate game to cheer you up – direct from the Las Vegas Strip! If you’re into chill out entertainment, cool gaming features and hot payout potential – take a look and try it our risk-free…

Play the lotto – Vegas style!

Keno gaming is synonymous with Las Vegas – despite the game originating in the Far East, as the name implies. However, once the game started delivering huge jackpots in the Neon City, it became the must play game of luck for every casual visitor to Vegas. The web has become the new generation home of keno gaming – featuring authentic Vegas video keno games, complete with jackpots which can reach hundreds of thousands! However, what makes keno such an appealing game – scroll down to find out:

Unique keno features

  • Pick your own lotto numbers!
  • Create tickets containing 3-10 selections
  • Select an array of mini keno wagers
  • Avoid the numbers you don’t like!

Hot keno tips

Not many lotto games are every played with strategies, and while striking keno jackpots is going to need a big slick of fortune – there are many keno gamers out there using some sly strategies to try and get a small edge. The reality is that there’s even some logic to many of the systems – and while they will not win you a sure-fire big win, they’re fun and really good get you more winning numbers. Check them out and test them with free-play casino bonuses…

  • Use a professional gambling like the androecia system to locate potentially winning numbers; the theory dictates that when you have random number with an equal probability, they will win equally in the long-run, but numbers will get though hot and cold sessions. Locate the hot numbers in every session, by surfing to the free statistics pages, available with the best keno games.
  • Pick lines of consecutive numbers – doubles or singles are best, such as 77, 78, or 99, 100, 101. These grouped numbers just seem to win lotto games quite frequently, so they’re well worth experimenting with.
  • Get more chances to win by using two or more cards – it creates a really frantic keno session too!