Online Gambling Tips

Online Gambling Tips

Hitting the web for online gambling sessions is a hugely popular leisure pursuit and serious profession for pro players. With hundreds of sports and casino gambling sites to choose from, the options for gamblers has never been better. Check out the hottest forms of online gambling and pocket the best free-play bonus options…

Online gambling options

The main categories of online gambling are casino websites, or sport betting sites. Many gamblers enjoy both forms of gambling, while others prefer to focus on a specific niche. Of course, sports and casino gambling can also be split into may sub-categories.

First-up is casual gambling versus pro gambling – with many people falling somewhere between the two. Inside casinos, you can hit the table games for pleasure or with serious aspirations, chase million dollar jackpots on the progressive slots, or enjoy video game style action with the new gen video slot games. Naturally, sports gambling offers a vast range of events to bet on, with thousands of serious punters and millions of casual gamblers.

Online gambling has made it easier for casual gamblers to access casino and sports betting systems, and trial them with low stakes and low stress levels. As such, for any gamblers with serious aspiration, the web is a gambling paradise. In contrast, millions just use gambling as a leisure activity, and with low wage levels, the activity is as fair and affordable as it’s ever been.

Online gambling bonuses

Gambling bonuses can be worth significant amounts of money on the internet – simply due to the competition among websites to gain your custom. Essentially, this is great news, and whether you’re into sports or casino gambling, you can easily scoop £50-100 plus with free bonus offers:

Deposit gambling bonuses:

The classic deposit X and get Y free offers, giving you free cash when you make your first deposit. The drawback of deposit bonuses is the need to play the free cash through a certain number of games before you can withdraw it or really call it yours.

No deposit gambling bonuses:

No deposit bonuses are the new form of casino gambling bonuses, giving you free credits just for downloading the product. Because it’s all risk-free, no deposit offers are increasingly popular and often give gamers up to £1000 in credits and options to convert it into hundreds in real money.

Sports gambling bonuses:

Sports gambling bonuses usually have some conditions attached, such as ‘Get a free £100 single win bet under 5/1, when you deposit £100’. For skilled gamblers these bonuses can be seriously useful, but casual gamblers need to be careful to make them pay. Still, a free bet is a free bet!