Enjoy the Magic of Keno Games

Enjoy the Magic of Keno Games

From the Far East to Las Vegas, and now cyberspace – the magic of keno has captured people’s imagination for centuries. Check out why keno should be high on your list when it comes to chilled out gaming, with a twist!

Keno – Vegas chic

When it comes to Vegas fashion – keno gaming is one parlour game which has made the big time – whether it’s live keno gaming halls, or via cutting-edge progressive jackpot video keno machines! Keno was always set to be a big hit on the web, blending classic lotto features with its own special options – which send it sky-high up the gaming charts! Check out how to play, and why it’s a little bit special…

  • Keno tickets contain 3-10 numbers, chosen from 0-180 in most keno games
  • Forget about relying on random computer generated numbers – keno lets you select your own keno fate – so put your lucky numbers into action! This differentiates it from other popular lotto games, like bingo.
  • Choose from an array of bonus keno wagers, such as separate mini-tickets within your main card

Keno jackpot magic!

Keno is a highly affordable game of chance – delivering non-stop, seriously fast entertainment. Thus, fun is the fundamental reason for playing the game! However, there’s something else that makes it very appealing – and that’s the huge jackpots available, which can soar to hundreds of thousands on some big progressive jackpot games! With countless lower level rewards for matching different combos, you’ll constantly be excited whenever a number pops up on your card.

Keno – luck or judgement?

With a maximum of 10 keno numbers on your ticket, from a possible 180 choices – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out you’re going to need some serious luck to strike it rich by matching every number on your ticket. However, does it have to be 100% good luck, or can you use a strategic approach to elevate your chances? The answer is potentially yes – there’s a small chance that your keno fate could be influence by some simple strategies, outlined below:

  • Use the androecia system to try and find winning numbers – simply use the statistics interface on keno games, to find the session numbers winning frequently. Statistically they have a higher chance of winning again during the keno cycle.
  • Play with strings of related numbers – such as patterns like 4, 5, 6, 7 – they seem to do remarkably well in lotto games!
  • Naturally, playing with 2 or more tickets will boost your opportunities to strike cool wins.