Enjoy Online Keno and Win

Enjoy Online Keno and Win

Legend has it that Bruce Lee liked to chill out with a well-earned game of keno – and that’s the beauty of the famous lotto game – anyone and everyone who tries it, loves it! Check out why the mysterious game of the East conquered Vegas and is getting rave reviews on the web…

What is keno?

Keno, just like most numbered lotto games – is simply a luck-based concept which rewards you when you match enough number on your tickets, with the numbers drawn by the keno spinner. In Las Vegas, you can play both live draw keno, or opt for one of the thousands of video keno machines, which sit side-by-side with slots and video poker interfaces. Naturally, it’s video keno which has made it to the web – delivering precise replicas of the famous Vegas games.

However, before you think, ‘isn’t keno just like bingo and the lottery’ – think again! You see, the beauty of keno is in ‘choice’ – something that lets you create your personalized lotto tickets, and make sure you get hot numbers, lucky numbers or at least not have to blame the computer for giving you dud numbers. Yep – your keno fate is partly in your own hands! Most keno parlous require you to choose between 3 and 10 numbers, from 0-180 – plus you get the option of various side-bets, such as smaller cluster selections, which are like mini tickets within your main card.

Keno payouts?

Keno gaming is focused on the jackpot – with some progressive jackpot games delivering mega payouts worth tens and hundreds of thousands. However, you’ll need to get a full house ticket to strike it really rich – which takes some serious luck with 180 numbers spinning about. Fortunately, keno games payout for small number combos and bonus numbers – so there’s always excitement and rewards to be had whenever you play.

Keno skill?

Are we joking – keno gaming with skill? Well, while keno is definitely not a real skill game, it can still be played with some interesting strategies. They’ll boost your fun, some have some statistical basis, and they could be enough to tempt fate and boost your winning edge. Check them out………

  • Surf to the statistics screen available on good keno games – locate the high win numbers and pick them on your tickets; according to some gaming stats, numbers really do get hot!
  • Line up series of consecutive numbers, such as 1, 2, 3 – they seem to love winning lotto games!
  • Play multi-ticket keno for more than one chance to win.